Want to give a new room an explosive personality without creating an overwhelming experience? Try adding an accent wall to your bedroom to add a shocking and refreshing break from monotony. An accent wall allows some normally severe or garish colors to, as the name implies, accent a room instead of overwhelm it. Accent walls can break up the monotony of a home and add vibrant character to a room. Accent walls can define a living space or highlight an aspect of your life, such as a piece of art or family treasure. They can also be used to create a color flow throughout your home, as walls can compliment fabrics and furnishing colors so that each room transitions into each other seamlessly.

Bold and bright shades of colors are perfect for an accent wall. A good way to decide what color would be good is to take a look at the room itself, and what you’ve furnished it with. A colorful rug or a unique couch or bedding could be used to accentuate the space and create a decorative theme for a room! Or, maybe you want to help decorate a child’s room. An accent wall can let your child have a strong expression of personality. Let them pick a color for the accent wall (even if its not one you’d prefer) and you can choose a calm complimentary color for the other walls in the room.

Choosing the right color for an accent wall is easy at Mallory Paint Store. Got a shocking crimson pillow that looks perfect? A favorite picture? A toy? A car? Bring it in and watch our color experts create a matching color of paint. From color matching to advice on complimentary colors for a room, you’ll find our color experts are ready and eager to help you be prepared for your project.