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Customer Spotlight – Coast to Coast Painting

Lewis Johnson, owner of Coast to CoastCoast to Coast Painting has been serving customers in the greater Seattle area since 2003.  Owner, Lewis Johnson, began his career in custom woodworking and construction.  His interests expanded into finishing work and painting, and he now has over 20 years’ experience in the paint industry.

Coast to Coast Painting’s top priority is the quality of the products and their superior customer service, and this is what keeps clients coming back. This commitment to the highest quality is what sets him apart from other painting contractors. Maintaining great communication with clients and offering a seamless process lets Coast to Coast rely almost strictly on referrals and repeat business from past clients. Lewis says the best part of a painting project is finishing and seeing a thrilled client. Bedroom with white and light blue walls

Coast to Coast Painting knows the importance of establishing honest, solid relationships with people including customers, colleagues and suppliers. They use Benjamin Moore products exclusively.  Lewis’s favorite Benjamin Moore products are the Regal Select lines, Aura and Advance.  He trusts that the high-quality products will perform well over time and help him deliver a great paint experience to his clients. Benjamin Moore products give him the confidence to know his paint jobs will endure the test of time.Entry view of home

Mallory Paint Store helps Coast to Coast Painting deliver a reliable and high quality paint experience to their customers. Lewis enjoys the relationships he has developed with Mallory Paint Store employees and reps over the years, and appreciates the knowledge and service that Coast to Coast Painting relies on to deliver consistent, timely work to its own clients. Lewis understands the value of creating and maintaining these important relationships.

“We love providing an outstanding personal experience and offering the best products.  That is why we choose Benjamin Moore.”

Featured Painter: Early Bird Paint Company

dunnettdunnettEarly Bird Paint Company has been painting homes and commercial properties in the greater Puget Sound area for the past 12 years. Owner, Brenda Dunnett has over 30 years of experience and is truly a Jack of all trades when it comes to painting.

Early Bird Paint Company has experience with a wide variety of painting projects including repainting homes or large commercial painting projects, including the new Woodland Park Zoo Tiger exhibit. For the Tiger exhibit, the project requirements included theme painting so they would appear weathered. The most interesting projects for the Early Bird Paint Company include painting artistic designs for special rooms, custom signage and situations where color matching at the customer site is required. Early Bird Paint Company is a Certified Washington State Woman owned business.dunnettdunnett-3

The professional staff at Mallory Paint Store offer personal service and Brenda Dunnett feels confident sending her customers to Mallory Paint Store where they will be treated to excellent customer service and helped with everything they need. Mallory Paint Store is a great source of paint supplies and Benjamin Moore paints.

Early Bird Paint Company phone or text: 360-710-5931


Shearer Painting

Shearer Exterior Repaint - inside postShearer Painting has been a Seattle Painting Contractor since 1990.

John Shearer, owner, takes an interest in the quality of his employees. He provides more time, training, and resources to be sure that his crew are well equipped for a customer’s projects. They go beyond your typical painting project by also being able to provide other services. Home repair, such as fixing siding or trim, broken window panes, resetting or replacing doors and improving run off for gutters.

He uses Benjamin Moore because his customers know the quality that Benjamin Moore represents and can trust the endurance and beauty. They also can provide color consultation and advice.

For Shearer Painting, an interesting project is historic home restoration because of the skills required to care for these older structures and return their original beauty. Several of Shearer Painting projects have been homes over 100 years old.

A review of Benjamin Moore Advance

Shearer Painting’s favorite Enamel Oil Primer

Customer Spotlight – Eastside Home Improvements

Eastside Home Improvements have been painting since 2004, servicing Bellevue, Seattle, and (of course) Eastside.

Home Exterior
Home Exterior

For Eastside Home Improvements, no detail is too small. They emphasize this in their commitment to each step of the process, with prep work focused on creating just the right surface to ensuring the perfect coat and appearance.

Eastside Home Improvements is a small operation that focuses exclusively on one job and one client at a time. This allows them to work focused on that project, and not lose sight of the fine details.

Their most interesting projects are remembered for the clients, not the difficulty of the tasks. The client stands out as the special part of each job.

Eastside Home Improvement choose Benjamin Moore simply because it is the best. They have learned to trust the paint, its ease of use and long wear. They trust Mallory Paint Store and rely on their experienced staff to keep them up to date on new products.

Customer Spotlight – Coast to Coast Painting

White painted entry columns
White Painted Entry

Coast to Coast Painting have been servicing the greater Seattle area for 11 years. They have over 50 years of combined experience in painting.

Coast to Coast Painting have experience painting in many different climates and locations. This experience has led them to use many kinds of tools and painting techniques, ensuring that they always know how to tackle a project.

Painted Cabinets

They choose Benjamin Moore paint because they believe in its quality. They can look back on work from 7-8 years ago and see how choosing a top of the line product, like Benjamin Moore, leads to longer lasting beautiful results.

Mallory Paint Store is the go to paint supplier for them. Mallory Paint Store’s support and professionalism makes work easier for Coast to Coast. They always get it right.

Customer Spotlight – Painting America Inc.

truck dave and pam 001
Dave Rushing and Pam Brooks of Painting America

Painting America Inc. has over 30 years of experience providing quality painting for the Eastside. Owned by the husband and wife team of Dave Rushing and Pam Brooks, they have been working together for over 11 years.

Interior paint project

Painting America Inc. is focused on the relationship between themselves and their clients. They work on one project at a time, utilizing their unique strengths and knowledge to finish each job completely without rushing onto the next project. They both say knowledge is at the core of their work. Dave’s experience as a second generation painting contractor blends well with Pam’s in home comprehensive color consultations and organizational skills.

They have worked with Mallory Paint Store for six years, using Benjamin Moore paint for all of their projects. Pam Brooks said, “Jim finds great employees,” summarizing the good experiences they have with Mallory Paint Store.

Customer Spotlight – Excel Painting Company

George Bean's picture
George Bean

The Excel Painting Company has been in business in the Puget Sound area since 1989,  concentrating on the Greater East Side and Seattle. Their focus is on the local Northwest, and they understand the challenges of the climate. George Bean, owner, has been working with Mallory Paint Store since the very first store opened.

Excel Painting Company has been using Benjamin Moore products exclusively for over twenty years.

Dark charcoal interior repaint
Excel Painting Co. repainted interior

They can proudly stand behind the high quality.

Using Mallory Paint Store’s Worksite Delivery, George trusts that they will always get everything right, from the paint tint to having the paint arrive on time. He knows Mallory Paint Store will always give the highest quality of customer service to his clients.

Excel Painting Company emphasizes  their willingness to adapt and create as little disruption to their clients as possible and to always demonstrate high quality work.

Customer Spotlight – Tenhulzen Painting Company

Picture of Scott Tenhulzen
Scott Tenhulzen

Tenhulzen Painting Company has been servicing the areas of Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, and the Greater Seattle area for 14 years. The owner, Scott Tenhulzen, has been working with Mallory Paint Store since 2006, when the Woodinville store opened.

Tenhulzen Painting emphasizes their core value,  “We pour craftsmanship and care into every job” with a focus on quality of their craft. They never skimp on the product, preferring to use Benjamin Moore through Mallory Paint Store, and are always focused on the finished work being exactly what the customer wanted.

Tenhulzen Painting Project

Tenhulzen Painting loves all kinds of jobs, but, the ones that stand out are high end interior repaints where they can emphasize that quality they strive for. Scott said that so far, the most challenging painting job was a house in Redmond, built entirely on pilings where safety was their priority and creativity was needed for the 3800 ft² ‘Tree House’.

Tenhulzen Painting has a “Business Respect” for Mallory Paint Store because they stand behind their service. Tenhulzen Painting uses the worksite delivery as much as possible and find that Mallory Paint’s superior service and product quality speak for themselves.

Customer Spotlight – Sound Painting Solutions


Picture of jeff DuPont of Sound Painting Solutions
Jeff DuPont

Sound Painting Solutions has been serving customers in the greater Seattle area and a Mallory Paint Store customer for the past two years. Jeff DuPont, owner of Sound Painting Solutions, has more than twelve years’ experience painting professionally.

The one thing that Sound Painting Solutions focuses on more than anything else is their customer service. Jeff’s focus is on every single detail of the relationship: the level of customer service, professionalism, that they never cut corners, and keep detailed well written contracts. They put 100% into everything they do.

Home Exterior Paint Project
Home Exterior Paint Project

Sound Paint has a history of interesting jobs, though, the one that stood out the most was fully stripping and repainting of a Normandy Park home exterior. The jobs they look forward to the most are residential interiors and exteriors repainting.

Jeff turns to Mallory Paint Store as their supplier for many reasons. First and foremost, they carry the Benjamin Moore paint line and quality of the paint. He has also used Mallory Paint’s worksite delivery service several times. He knows and trusts Mallory Paint to be good to his clients. He can trust that any client he sends to the store will receive expert advice and great service.