The most common type of color matching is done using a spectrometer, which reads the different wavelengths in a color. For many companies, this is the beginning and end of their color matching: A computer’s eye that tries to pick a color from their system that is as close to the target as possible. This type of matching is superficial, and loses depth and tone of the color.  You cannot use paint produced this way to touch-up damage, the two colors will be visibly different.

Mallory Paint Store’s color experts do not simply find a ‘similar’ color. The color matching process is an intensive step by step processes, with a spectrometer only representing the first step in matching.

Our color matching process takes in several color formulas from similar colors and compares them to find a starting mix point. Once our color experts have found a formula they like, they begin adjusting the color drop by drop, mixing and remixing the paint. Each phase adjusts the color.

Each phase, our color experts will carefully observe their formula in multiple light sources, exterior and interior. This allows them to have a comprehensive view of your color, allowing the experts to adjust down to the smallest hues.

Darker, brighter, more blue, less blue. With a strong understanding of how colors interact the color experts will eventually find a perfect match – in any Benjamin Moore product! Whether its copying your favorite pillow, or producing true touch-up quality matching.