bmc_coty_article_03_sunsetlight_desktopEach year, Benjamin Moore produces a catalog to define the year. Last year, 2016, it was Simply White (OC-117). It brought with it a simplicity and clarity. The defining color of 2017 is Shadow (2117-30). Color Trends 2017 is defined by the adaptability of Shadow, and its complimentary colors.

For 2017, Shadow is a color of ambiance, enigmatic and allusive, its hues adapt and change with its environment and lighting. From soft velvet purples to smokey charcoal, the Color Trends of 2017 use Shadow as an accent, seeking to evoke a longing for colors gone.

bmc_coty_article_02_afternoonlight_desktopCome by your local Mallory Paint Store to talk with our Color Experts for samples and advice on using the 2017 Color Trends. Bring a complexity to your bedroom with Shadow, one that shifts from calm cool mornings to complicated and evocative evenings, with this year’s Color Trend.