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George Bean

The Excel Painting Company has been in business in the Puget Sound area since 1989,  concentrating on the Greater East Side and Seattle. Their focus is on the local Northwest, and they understand the challenges of the climate. George Bean, owner, has been working with Mallory Paint Store since the very first store opened.

Excel Painting Company has been using Benjamin Moore products exclusively for over twenty years.

Dark charcoal interior repaint
Excel Painting Co. repainted interior

They can proudly stand behind the high quality.

Using Mallory Paint Store’s Worksite Delivery, George trusts that they will always get everything right, from the paint tint to having the paint arrive on time. He knows Mallory Paint Store will always give the highest quality of customer service to his clients.

Excel Painting Company emphasizes  their willingness to adapt and create as little disruption to their clients as possible and to always demonstrate high quality work.