Mercer Painting has been servicing the King County area since 2015, with a large basis on Mercer Island. Although relatively new as a company, they have been painting homes in the Northwest for 25 years. Jeff Bucy, Owner, ensures every job receives attention and focuses on the details to be sure none get overlooked.

Mercer Painting is proud of their communication and customer service. They want to do everything right, the first time. To do so, they ensure that they work with customers and ensure that professional knowledge is present at every step of the way. As they say, the project is not done until the customer says its done. Its a combination of painting experience and the product knowledge that lets them be prepared for every challenge.

One job did stand out as particularly challenging: A white glove service that took over two years of work! A beautiful lake home that required everything be set up and taken down each day to ensure the home owner was not bothered by their crew.

Mallory Paint Store has everything Jeff needs, from every color and every brand. He trusts Josh in Bellevue to get his color matched every time, and that he can find a Mallory Paint within ten miles of any of his projects. Of course, they enjoy Benjamin Moore’s high quality products, especially Advance Satin.

“Every project has something unusual about it. The key is to constantly recognize potential schedule or material issues before they happen and have a smart and nimble crew.”