Choosing the right color for your project can be quite a challenge, but, choosing the right paint is much easier. We’ve already written about choosing Sheen before so today we’ll be comparing two of our interior paint brands, Ben® and Regal®. Both products are Gennex® Waterborne Acrylic Paints and can be tinted to thousands of colors. Both Ben and Regal are zero VOC, featuring Benjamin Moore’s Green Promise. They are low odor, self priming to most surfaces, and easy to clean. Waterborne paints are good at self-leveling when painted, giving a smooth finish. Waterborne paint is also good at covering up older paint and mistakes, or as some call it, high-hiding.


Ben is available in Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss. Ben has a modest dry time of 4 hours before re-coats, two to touch. The paint is thick and easy to apply with a brush or roller. Ben is engineered to be “easy to work with” waterborne paint. It was created to give many of the Gennex® Waterborne paint features at a more affordable price when compared to Regal or Aura. Ben has 35% volume solids.


Regal has a long history with Benjamin Moore, starting in 1957. The modern Regal is thick, easy to use, and available in Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl, and Semi-Gloss. Regal has a 1-2 hour dry time, 1 to touch. Regal contains anti-microbial additives, good for resisting mildew and mold growth. It is engineered to be good at touch-up color as well. Regal has 41% volume solids.

The Simple Conclusion

The split between these two paints is in dry time and solids.  Ben and Regal were formulated for two different projects in mind. Ben was made to be a good budget friendly solution to new home owners, and apartments. Ben takes nearly twice the time to dry as Regal and lacks the additives for mildew protection. One of the key differences is in the volume solids, or, what gets left behind when the product dries. Regal has a more durable, resistant finish that includes protective additives, over Ben, but, has a price to match the added benefits.