Today things are going to be looking up and although outside the weather may be grey, inside it’s white as summer clouds! We’re going to be comparing two more Benjamin Moore products, the general purpose Regal┬« and the specialized tool known as Ceiling Paint. These are both Gennex┬« Waterborne paint, able to be tinted to almost any color. These paints are quick to dry, zero VOC, low odor, and clean up with water.


We cover Regal a lot here. It’s an extremely versatile paint with a variety of finishes. Today, we’re going to focus on Regal’s Flat sheen. For a more in depth explanation of sheen, check here. As a quick recap, it is a measure of how reflective a paint has been engineered to be, with flat… being flat. For Regal, this sheen is measured in the range of 1 – 3.5 when viewed at an angle of 80 degrees. Compare that to Eggshell, the standard wall sheen at 15-22 and Semi-Gloss, 50-60 (when viewed at 60 degrees). Viewing things at a very low angle gives us the best view of how reflective it is. The lower angle means that there will be a color difference between Eggshell and Semi-Gloss when viewed side by side, at those angles, due to the shininess.

Ceiling Paint

As a highly specialized and aptly named tool, Ceiling Paint has only one sheen: Ultra Flat. This paint has a sheen of 0-2 at 85 degrees. Roughly speaking, this means that with your head touching the wall, looking across the paint, you will not see any sheen. Light will still reflect off it, of course.

Why This Matters

Traditionally, ceilings are painted white, and, flat. This is to maintain an illusion that the ceiling is higher then it actually is, helping the house feel more open and less crowded. Of course, some homes play with a few different ceiling colors when trying to capture a particular feel. On the whole, flat paint is good at hiding imperfections or bumps. Shiny ceilings are far more likely to draw the eye upwards, as well, leading to the rather unusual problem of guests inspecting the ceiling (and potentially noticing one of the last places I remember to clean.) Any sort of shine whatsoever will sometimes catch the eye. To avoid this, we see Ceiling Paint and it’s specifically formulated Ultra Flat sheen.