We’ve covered paint brushes with our previous articles and we want to cover some important information about paint rollers. Paint rollers are a great tool for painting large areas quickly and easily, and are important tool for any major painting project. Rollers can offer flexibility thanks to attachments that allow them to fit many unusual or hard to reach places. Rollers are similar to paint brushes when it comes to how to choose them.

The type of paint determines what type of fabric covers should be used with your rollers. This is similar to the choices for paint brushes, where natural covers (wool) should be used with oil based paints and synthetic covers should be used with latex or water based paints. Please avoid using natural covers with water based paint as this could damage the fabric permanently.

After you’ve chosen the fabric, its important to be aware of the pile depth, or how thick the fabric of the roller’s cover is. The roughness of the surface determines this. Thick rollers hold a lot of paint and are best for very rough surfaces, such as concrete and brick. Shallow rollers are best for smooth surfaces, where paint needs to be applied very evenly.