red painted living roomHaving the right tools are important for getting the best results from your paint project. We’ve talked about the different types of paints in Exterior and Interior Pain and now we can talk about different paintbrushes and when to use them. Paintbrushes can be made using different kinds of materials with different benefits for using them. We will be talking about two different types of brushes here:

  • Natural – Animal Hair brushes are used for oil based paints, primers, and varnishes. Softness and stiffness vary between brushes based on the kinds of hair or bristles chosen. The hairs natural flagging (split ends) hold more paint and ensure a smooth coat is applied. These paintbrushes should NOT be used with water-thinned paint as the bristles can absorb the water and become permanently damaged.
  • Synthetic – Polyester, and Polyester-Nylon are common synthetic paintbrushes. These brushes are great for ‘water-thinned’ paint. These brushes are easy to clean, and with care they last for a long time.
    • Polyester – These brushes provide a very smooth finish and are very easy to clean.
    • Nylon – These are long lasting brushes with very stiff filaments, well suited for painting rough surfaces.
    • Poly/Nylon Blends – These are the most common paintbrushes on the market due to the high level of flexibility between softness and stiffness as well as ease of cleaning.

Choosing the right paintbrush for your paint project is easy.  Just follow these easy suggestions: Stiffer brushes are good for thicker paint or rough surfaces while softer brushes are good for thin paint, fine finishes, and delicate work. There is a happy medium between the stiff and soft paintbrush types for every project.  You can also talk to our Paint Experts at your local Mallory Paint Store to get the best brush for your project.