The Pacific Northwest is wet, and wind is windy. Winter has left and one of the major rainy seasons has gone with it. But, with lots of rain is one of the facts of the Northwest. Water damage. This is a common concern, and it can lead to a lot of stress over how to take care of the mess. Today’s paint talk is focused on the simple steps to paint over a water damaged wall.

The first important step is to NOT paint over the spot without preparation. Water damage can stain new paint, even if the wall itself is dry.


Start by observing the wall for any sort of mold or rot. Sand the area with a fine grain sand paper to remove small chipped paint and growth. If there is any sort of mold or smell to the area, it should be gently cleaned with a water-bleach solution. Take care with this step to ensure a thorough cleaning.


It’s important to prime the location to help the paint stick and to create a barrier between the damaged area and the new fresh paint. Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start® Premium Primers will help ensure that you have a proper foundation for new paint. They come in both in-door and out-door specialties, and low VOC variants are also available. Gently feather the primer out to the undamaged paint to avoid an uneven or raised area.


Make sure to consult with our Mallory Paint Store’s Color Experts to find the exact match and simply apply an even coat of paint.