dresser and chairWith Holidays ahead, there may be a last minute rush to finish up home decorating projects including repainting a room to prepare for guests. The last thing you’d want would be for the smells of holidays to be overpowered by the smell of drying paint. Choosing a non-smelly paint is choosing a paint that has no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are the components of paint which produce the fresh paint smell.

VOC’s are chemicals which react at room temperature or when they come into contact with air. These are a common component in most paint. VOC’s play an important role in how the paint dries, how the paint pours, long term durability, performance, and how easy it is to work with. Some parts of VOC’s can be irritants and one of the reasons you need good ventilation when painting.

Alternatives, such as Benjamin Moore’s Natura Interior Paint are Zero-VOC and Zero-Emission paints. Natura can be a good choice for painting a room with uncontrollable high activity, or preparing a guest room in advance with no odor or irritants. A good choice when you don’t want your guests to feel like a lot of work was done on their behalf!