If you have a free afternoon and would like to dress up your outdoor living areas, a new coat of paint can bring new life to outdoor tables and chairs and give your yard a refreshed look for summer. It might be a great way to enjoy the outdoors or a way to update your outdoor furniture to match a newly painted home or landscape plan.

The first step is always preparation. Exterior furniture should always be checked for molds and mildew and cleaned carefully. Make sure to check the undersides of your furniture and use a cleaning solution like Benjamin Moore® CLEAN (318) or a home mix of one part bleach and three parts water for any mold or mildew that you find.

The second step is to sand the surface of the furniture. An old finish that is in decent condition can be left as long as you make sure to roughen the surface. If the previous finish is poor, you can remove the old stain with a quality stain remover such as Benjamin Moore® REMOVE (315) or sand down loose or peeling paint.

The next step, Priming, can be skipped if the old finish is still intact after light sanding. Otherwise, we recommend that you use a good outdoor primer, especially if you are going to apply a lighter color over a darker one, if there are any surface stains, or if there are knotty sections on the wood. A good primer, such as Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start All-Purpose Acrylic Primer (023) should be applied with strokes following the grain of the wood.

Finally, Painting. Benjamin Moore’s ARBORCOAT® Solid Deck & Siding Stain (640) can be found at your local Mallory Paint Store in a wide variety of colors fit your taste and outdoor painting project. Usually, a primed surface only requires one coat. If you chose not apply primer to the surface, you might want to apply a second coat for complete coverage.

Once you are finished, leave the furniture in a dust free and well-ventilated space. Keep it from drying outdoors as exposure to wind and dust may affect the painted surface or leave particles.