Painting PrimerWith Summer coming quickly many people will be finishing spring cleaning and starting your painting projects around the house. For the casual painter, it can be a multiple trip nightmare to get all the supplies needed to paint a room. Mallory Paint Store’s painting specialist are here to help by making sure you have a quick one time visit, getting the supplies you need and helpful advice to avoid mistakes. brushes

Making sure you avoid a mess and that the paint goes on clean and smooth with no bubbles is the first priority. Cleaning the walls with a sponge and some detergent will clear away dust that may have built up and could affect coverage and wear. Accurate measurements are also important, before buying too much or too little paint. Make sure to bring the total surface area of the room so that a painting specialist can get you all the paint and primer you will need.

We’ve produced a helpful checklist that you can print out or pull up on a phone in order to be sure you get all the supplies you need:

Painting Supplies Checklist