Last time, we talked about preparing an exterior wall for painting. Remember that in order for your paint to dry properly and be long lasting, its imperative to thoroughly clean and prime the surface you intend to paint. Avoid painting after a rainy or foggy day, or when the temperature is too low. Its also important to read up on the differences between exterior and interior paint. Your local Mallory Paint Store can help you figure out how much paint you need. For an exterior coat, its almost always best to do two coats of paint. This well ensure the paint is longer lasting, richer, and more complete in its coverage.

Again, we will repeat that to ensure the highest quality workmanship, a painting professional should be hired, especially for larger jobs like a complete exterior repaint.


  • Paint – Measure the area of the painting project: Length * Width * Height = Area. A paint can will say its effective coverage area, but remember, you need to do a double coat, so divide that area in half and compare to your project’s needs.
  • Drop Cloths
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Step Ladders/Ladders
  • Paint Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Buckets

For setting up, ensure that the area around your workspace is covered with drop clothes, including plants, air conditioners nearby, etc. Ensure painters tape is in place to protect any windows or areas that should not be painted.

  • Hand painting the exterior should be done quickly.
  • For best coverage, ensure there is ample paint on the brush, dipping it at halfway into the can. (Tap to avoid excess paint instead of wiping on the edge of the can)
  • Feather the brush by gently starting and allowing the brush bristles to spread out before beginning the stroke. Start new strokes at the end of the previous stroke.
  • Reapply paint to your brush or roller frequently to prevent thin patches.

Remember, your local Mallory Paint Store has tools and painting experts who can give advice and tips for your specific project!