Fall rains have cooled off the summer’s heat. The grey skies can leave you craving a splash of new color in your home. Maybe you just need a new accent wall to foster a new warmth in your home, or, you’re looking to prepare for the holiday season by opening up a living room. Color choice is key and today we’re going to be talking about how to warm up or cool off your latest painting project!

Warm Colors

Simply put, Reds, Oranges and Yellows are warm colors. These colors, and combinations of them, are good at bring a cozy presence to a room. You should use these colors when a room seems too big or unfilled. Adding a soft orange like Jicama (AF-315) to a dining room with too much open space or broad windows can help pull a familial sense back into the room. Living rooms often make use of a stronger accent color, such as Glowing Umber (182), to help capture the eye and draw you in.

Cool Colors

Naturally, the opposite is Blues, Greens, and Purples. These cool colors will help open up your rooms, drawing them out. You’ll see soft reminders of clouds and blue skies used in bathrooms and washrooms to improve comfort in the smaller spaces. Soft blues are especially popular in offices to help battle feelings of being trapped and reduce stress! If you find the grey clouds a little oppressive, try a refreshing touch of Silver Cloud (2129-20) to open a room back up to clear blue skies, or, maybe a drop of Winter Ice (862) for a bedroom might help when the summer heat comes back around.
The Right Mix

A good rule of thumb is 2:1, two warms to a cool, or, two cools to a warm. This tends to refer to your big main color, a secondary color, and a trim or accent color. The majority of your room will be one primary color, determining the warmth or coolness of the room, followed by a the ‘general’ colors of furniture or drapes in your room, and, lastly, the accent. As always, your local Mallory Paint Store’s staff are always ready to help with your project! Our color experts can help build a color palette for your project, and, get you all the materials you need to keep it quick and breezy getting your home or office ready!