I’d like to preface this DIY series by saying that a complete exterior repaint of a house is time intensive and tool intensive. There are many tools out there that can help speed up the process, but may not be feasible for a simple home project. Your local Mallory Paint Stores are a good place to go to find painting professionals with good recommendations who have everything needed to get the job done right. Many painting contractors and specialists have been featured on our website!


  • Sandpaper
  • Wire Brush/Scraper
  • Bucket and Sponge
  • Caulk and Putty Knife
  • Exterior Cleaning Agent
  • Drop Cloth

Preparing an exterior wall requires extensive cleaning. As it has been exposed to the elements, it can be very difficult to gauge how much cleaning is necessary. A garden hose with a good nozzle can be an adequate pressure wash for a house, being sure to control how strong the stream is. Use a cleaning agent to go over the surface to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

Any mildew or mold should be removed, and the area should be cleaned carefully with a 1 part bleach and 3 parts water and then rinsed off thoroughly afterwards.

Observe the project area for any cracks, blistered paint, or worn thin paint areas. Use the wirebrush or paint scraper to remove all affected paint as thoroughly as possible. Sandpaper the areas thoroughly. Clean all areas around the surface you intend to paint as well, gutters, downspouts, or eaves around the area.

All problem areas (mildew, damaged paint, exposed wood) should receive a coat of primer.

Putty and caulk should be used to fill in any imperfections or surface damage that has formed. Nail head depressions and cracks should be filled and carefully leveled. Old or damaged caulk should be removed, the area should receive a coat of primer, and new caulk applied to ensure proper adhesion.