Fall has finally arrived, bringing plenty of rain with it. Now’s the time to start looking around the home to get an early start on the holidays. Now is when I’d notice where a chair keeps bumping into a wall or remember where the crayon streaks were hidden behind the couch. This week, we’re going to be talking about simple paint repairs, touch up, and quick repaints. It’s always best to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. When you do buy colors for your home, keeping a left over paint can or saving a document with the colors and sheen you chose will save you a bunch of time!

One of the biggest issues with touching up paint is not that you have the color, but, that the colors have changed over time. You might see that sun has faded it, grime has dulled it, or it has simply yellowed in the case of Alkyd paints. In these situations, touching up with a drop of the old paint is off the table. You need color matching, or, if time is of the essence, a total repaint.

Color Matching relies on both spectrometer color reading and human eye adjustments to reach a near perfect match for a color. Color matching takes around 24 hours to be complete and requires a small sample of the current paint. A chip off the wall will work best, if you can get a flake. We’ve had customers bring in an entire closet door before!

Color Matching cannot fix a sheen or shininess issue, however. Sheen issues are very common and can be pretty glaringly obvious, simply by looking at the spot you touched up in a few different spots and lighting. These problems occur most often when you switch between companies, or, even different products, such as from Regal to Aura. You might also have a sheen issue if you used matte or flat in an area with a lot of physical contact, such as rooms where children or pets are spending a lot of time. Sadly, a sheen issue will usually require a total repaint to ensure consistency.

As always, your local Mallory Paint Store has friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you get your room up and running! No two projects are quite the same, and our Color Experts are always ready to help you find the easiest or quickest way to help get your home ready for new guests!