The hot days have finally passed, giving back the rainy days. We’ve still got a few days left of warm dry weather as summer ends and fall begins. We’re coming up to the holiday season and we can look forward to Halloween.

As fall begins, it’s important to be sure to check the weather for outdoor painting projects. Extra water can greatly damage a drying coat of paint, so it’s important to keep an eye on both humidity and the week’s forecast. Also keep in mind that fall brings debris that can disrupt any new painting projects. There are lots of different particulates that build up on our houses, such as falling or decaying leaves, summer pollen, and even dust or dirt kicked up in wind. Be sure to clean thoroughly before starting any exterior repaint!

Fall’s colors are yellows, reds, oranges, and browns. As the trees turn colors in preparation for winter, we can help your home stay in tune with the seasons. Autumn colors lead to a warm, rich atmosphere in the home and the colors are associated with harvests, change, and nature.

Mallory Paint Store’s color experts are here to meet your needs for this fall. If you happen to see the perfect color for your living room in the falling leaves, don’t be afraid to bring it in and share it. Let us color match it and bring your fall dreams to life!