Autumn brings colder days, dirt, and much needed rain. This post is to serve as a reminder that with the changing of seasons it will steadily become more difficult to get work done on the exterior. A quick inspection of the outside of your home can help catch problems while there is still time left in the season to fix them! Keep an eye out for peeling paint, rotting boards, and any caulk that might be breaking down. You should also be inspecting the edges of your home and beneath any overhang for signs of damage from pests, like ants, termites, or wasps. If you’re like me, you might even find a large wasp nest that needs immediate removal!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! With most exterior paint damage, there might still be time to get a contractor out to get a last minute fix on your home, or, grab a paint brush and some sand paper to touch up some damage. Peeling or damaged paint will not protect the underlying wood from the elements.

Lastly, remember that most paint experiences a wide variety of wear and tear from sun, rain, and wind exposure. This can fade your colors pretty substantially, after a few years. One of the best ways to avoid any sort of difference in color is to bring a sample of your current house paint to your local Mallory Paint and have them color match your current paint, instead of what you put on ten years ago! Our color experts can mix you a custom color fit to blend in for some easy touch-ups! We have everything you need to get any of your home repairs done quickly and painlessly, and our friendly staff can help you every step of the way!