With several holidays right around the corner, the truly last minute decorations begin. Between cleaning, gifts, family dinners, and unexpected guests, it can be a whirlwind of activity for a few weeks. Maybe a wall was damaged, or you’ve grown sick of the colors of your living room. The biggest worry this late in the month would be if your paint will dry, or if your paint would leave an undesirable odor.

Non-VOC paints are limited or non-smelling paint. We’ve talked about the composition of non-VOC paints before. With no irritating chemicals or noticeable smell, a non-VOC paint will let you make emergency last minute changes to your home in preparation for your guests.

Make sure to stock up on painting tape and other supplies you’ll need to be sure that you only need to do your project once. A sloppy or messy attempt will leave you with more work then you started with!