As family arrives in droves, December can become a chaotic battlefield. As we move between shopping, family gatherings, long term guests, and the surprises of the holiday season, getting a room ready for family can feel stressful. Whether you only have a few days to prepare, or, a few hours, Benjamin Moore is here to help you get your room ready for guests.

When you absolutely must have a room ready to use same-day, look to Natura® (513) and Ben® (W626). Natura® is a Benjamin Moore’s Zero-VOC, zero allergens, and zero smell paint line. It is self priming on most surfaces, and splatter resistant. Its to-touch dry time is 30 minutes, and it can be re coated after just an hour.

For a more budget focused repaint, we also have Ben®, an outstanding easy to apply paint. It has high hide and self priming for most surfaces. With very low smell, and a dry time of 2 hours and can be recoated in just 4 hours, you can have a room ready for your family same-day.

Maybe the family room chair has scuffed your paint, or, the family dog has a favorite back-rubbing spot that has left the paint greasy. A youngster and a box of markers might leave your walls needing a quick fix, or, simply a kitchen accident has left permanent evidence… We here at Mallory Paint have the tools to fix these emergencies before guests arrive! Why not avoid the embarrassment of  damaged paint and invite compliments for a new beautiful winter-themed family room!