Customer Spotlight – Painting America Inc.

truck dave and pam 001
Dave Rushing and Pam Brooks of Painting America

Painting America Inc. has over 30 years of experience providing quality painting for the Eastside. Owned by the husband and wife team of Dave Rushing and Pam Brooks, they have been working together for over 11 years.

Interior paint project

Painting America Inc. is focused on the relationship between themselves and their clients. They work on one project at a time, utilizing their unique strengths and knowledge to finish each job completely without rushing onto the next project. They both say knowledge is at the core of their work. Dave’s experience as a second generation painting contractor blends well with Pam’s in home comprehensive color consultations and organizational skills.

They have worked with Mallory Paint Store for six years, using Benjamin Moore paint for all of their projects. Pam Brooks said, “Jim finds great employees,” summarizing the good experiences they have with Mallory Paint Store.

Customer Spotlight – Excel Painting Company

George Bean's picture
George Bean

The Excel Painting Company has been in business in the Puget Sound area since 1989,  concentrating on the Greater East Side and Seattle. Their focus is on the local Northwest, and they understand the challenges of the climate. George Bean, owner, has been working with Mallory Paint Store since the very first store opened.

Excel Painting Company has been using Benjamin Moore products exclusively for over twenty years.

Dark charcoal interior repaint
Excel Painting Co. repainted interior

They can proudly stand behind the high quality.

Using Mallory Paint Store’s Worksite Delivery, George trusts that they will always get everything right, from the paint tint to having the paint arrive on time. He knows Mallory Paint Store will always give the highest quality of customer service to his clients.

Excel Painting Company emphasizes  their willingness to adapt and create as little disruption to their clients as possible and to always demonstrate high quality work.

Customer Spotlight – Tenhulzen Painting Company

Picture of Scott Tenhulzen
Scott Tenhulzen

Tenhulzen Painting Company has been servicing the areas of Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, and the Greater Seattle area for 14 years. The owner, Scott Tenhulzen, has been working with Mallory Paint Store since 2006, when the Woodinville store opened.

Tenhulzen Painting emphasizes their core value,  “We pour craftsmanship and care into every job” with a focus on quality of their craft. They never skimp on the product, preferring to use Benjamin Moore through Mallory Paint Store, and are always focused on the finished work being exactly what the customer wanted.

Tenhulzen Painting Project

Tenhulzen Painting loves all kinds of jobs, but, the ones that stand out are high end interior repaints where they can emphasize that quality they strive for. Scott said that so far, the most challenging painting job was a house in Redmond, built entirely on pilings where safety was their priority and creativity was needed for the 3800 ft² ‘Tree House’.

Tenhulzen Painting has a “Business Respect” for Mallory Paint Store because they stand behind their service. Tenhulzen Painting uses the worksite delivery as much as possible and find that Mallory Paint’s superior service and product quality speak for themselves.

Customer Spotlight – Sound Painting Solutions


Picture of jeff DuPont of Sound Painting Solutions
Jeff DuPont

Sound Painting Solutions has been serving customers in the greater Seattle area and a Mallory Paint Store customer for the past two years. Jeff DuPont, owner of Sound Painting Solutions, has more than twelve years’ experience painting professionally.

The one thing that Sound Painting Solutions focuses on more than anything else is their customer service. Jeff’s focus is on every single detail of the relationship: the level of customer service, professionalism, that they never cut corners, and keep detailed well written contracts. They put 100% into everything they do.

Home Exterior Paint Project
Home Exterior Paint Project

Sound Paint has a history of interesting jobs, though, the one that stood out the most was fully stripping and repainting of a Normandy Park home exterior. The jobs they look forward to the most are residential interiors and exteriors repainting.

Jeff turns to Mallory Paint Store as their supplier for many reasons. First and foremost, they carry the Benjamin Moore paint line and quality of the paint. He has also used Mallory Paint’s worksite delivery service several times. He knows and trusts Mallory Paint to be good to his clients. He can trust that any client he sends to the store will receive expert advice and great service.

Soothing Tones

Accent walls are a great way to add color to a space and experiment with smaller doses of brighter, bolder hues.

Benjamin Moore Hues

Whether you’d like to define a living space or spotlight a treasured piece of artwork or architectural feature, an accent wall can create a striking, unique design element.

Accent walls can also help you create color flow. By using the same color in fabrics, finishes, accessories, and furnishings in adjoining rooms, you can create a seamless transition from space to space.

Accent Wall Ideas

Make a Bold Statement

Bold, colorful shades are good accent wall paint colors because they accentuate a space without overpowering it. For example, perhaps you’re using bright colors in your decorative accessories throughout your space, but they seem far too bold for entire walls. Why not choose one of those colors to create an accent wall for a lively splash of vibrancy?

(TIP: Accent walls can also take away the stress of decorating a kid’s room. Let your child choose a color for one wall and then choose a neutral color that you can live with for the other walls. Use decorative accessories and bedding to pick up the accent color to tie the look together.)

Create a Subtle Contrast

If you prefer a more gentle contrast, try using a deeper version of your existing wall color on one strategic wall. This can be just enough to add interest and break the monotony of a single-color space.

Choosing the Right Paint Color

To help you choose the best accent wall hue for your space, use a color from a pillow or your favorite artwork, for example, as your inspiration. What is the most appealing color to you in that piece? Does it work with the main wall color? Would you enjoy living with accessories in that same color? Whatever shade you choose, an accent wall allows you to express your own unique, confident design style. So grab a paint brush and let your imagination go!

Original Article and Pictures from Benjamin Moore

Decorative Paint Techniques

Whether you love deep reds or vibrant shades, our red hallway paint ideas can give your home’s passageways a hint of style and a boost of personality.

Benjamin Moore Hallway

Here, our hallway paint color idea focused on a gorgeous red clay hue that instantly warmed the space. Then, because the color was substantial enough to work as a design element on its own, we added a few simple accessories to create a finished look.

Keep in mind how your hallway color complements colors in adjoining rooms. In our project, note how beautifully the warm red hallway looks against the gold and green of the adjacent room.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Prime the surfaces with Fresh Start® Primer. Allow to dry.
  • Roll on the ceiling color first. Allow to dry.
  • Next, roll on the wall color. Allow to dry.
  • Paint trim and allow to dry.

Supply List

  • Drop cloth
  • Benjamin Moore rollers
  • Roller tray
  • Painter’s tape
  • Benjamin Moore paint brushes
  • Rags for cleanup

Original Article and Images from Benjamin Moore

Stepping Stone Walkway

Stepping Stone Walkway Design with Autumn Leaves

Bring your stepping stone ideas to life. With inviting stones stamped with autumn leaves to other stepping stone walkway ideas featuring your favorite phrases or colors and a few simple tools and supplies, creating an inviting path to your home or garden is easy.

To recreate our stepping stone design idea featuring fall leaves, follow the instructions below:

  • Purchase 18–inch–by–18–inch square concrete stones from a masonry/stone yard.
  • Select several designs of leaf stamps from a local art supply store, along with several 1–inch to 1½–inch foam brushes.
  • Use the foam brushes to apply Benjamin Moore Concrete Stain (072) to the stamps. Blot stamps onto newspaper to absorb excess stain.
  • Carefully but firmly press the stamps onto the concrete steps in a random, fallen–leaf pattern.


  • 18–inch by 18–inch square concrete stones
  • Leaf stamps
  • 1–inch to 1½–inch Benjamin Moore foam brushes
  • Newspaper



Original Article and Pictures from Benjamin Moore


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