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Dave Rushing and Pam Brooks of Painting America

Painting America Inc. has over 30 years of experience providing quality painting for the Eastside. Owned by the husband and wife team of Dave Rushing and Pam Brooks, they have been working together for over 11 years.

Interior paint project

Painting America Inc. is focused on the relationship between themselves and their clients. They work on one project at a time, utilizing their unique strengths and knowledge to finish each job completely without rushing onto the next project. They both say knowledge is at the core of their work. Dave’s experience as a second generation painting contractor blends well with Pam’s in home comprehensive color consultations and organizational skills.

They have worked with Mallory Paint Store for six years, using Benjamin Moore paint for all of their projects. Pam Brooks said, “Jim finds great employees,” summarizing the good experiences they have with Mallory Paint Store.