Getting ready to spruce up your outdoor furniture? With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to add that touch of vibrant color to your life. Maybe its time to start capitalizing on the bright sun or you just want to turn over a new leaf with the seasons. Although the pacific northwest sees plenty of rainfall this time of year, it doesn’t have to be a barrier to your projects.

Benjamin Moore features several types of exterior paint, tailored to your specific situations, such as Aura┬« and Arborcoat┬«, which are designed to be durable above all else. Some types of paint will be more resistant to Washington’s weather, drying quicker and being more tolerant to sudden changes in temperature and weather. However, rain should always be watched for.

Preparing a space indoors is easy, and helps to skip Washington’s weather. Any room can be a painting studio temporarily. Make sure to clear enough space for not just your project, but you as well. Pets tend to ignore any sort of rules or warnings, so make sure the space can be properly gated off or closed up to prevent animals and day to day traffic from damaging the paint while it sets.

If working indoors, the importance of protecting your work space can’t be understated. Drop cloths or tarps should be laid out to catch drops of paint or flecks while working. If you’re working in a tighter space, be zealous with covering furniture nearby with extra tarps. Painters tape should be used to hold down the drop cloth, and, if you are using multiple cloths together, you should overlap the tarps and tape them together.

We’ve talked before about the steps to clean up and revitalize your outdoor furniture, but we’ll give a brief recap:

  • Vigorously clean the areas you will paint
  • Sandpaper down any loose or peeling paint
  • Prime the surface with outdoor primer to help long term durability.
  • Most paints only require one coat
  • Allow your paint time to dry, or cure completely. Refer to directions on the paint can or ask for help

Your local Mallory Paint Store Color Experts will be able to give you all the help you need picking the right paint for your project, and being sure you don’t leave without every tool you need to prevent accidents and complete your project!