With Spring in the distance we approach the season of resale for homes. To ensure your home has the best chance at sale at the best possible price, its important to be sure your home looks ready for potential buyers. Repainting may be one of the more time consuming aspects of preparing your home, but it will set the tone for the home, cover the built up damage of living day to day, and help make each room more appealing.

There is a good chance a potential buyer will not like your choice in colors in your home. People’s tastes are very specific and individual and bright colors may make it difficult to judge the home on its own merits. Neutral colors, such as off white, grey, and light tans will help create a mellow and spacious feeling in your home. Don’t forget the color of 2016 is White. Neutral does not mean unfashionable!

Benjamin Moore has a list of color combinations to help you choose complimentary neutral colors. You can also look back at the color trends for 2016 for additional ideas for repainting.