As the last of the leaves fall and the air continues to grow colder, we finally approach winter. The holiday season can be a little overwhelming, but, maybe some winter colors can breathe a calm into the home? A nice winter palette can open up the room and give a feeling of calm control. Painting for winter gives us many bright whites, dramatic violets, soft greys, and, of course, winter blues.

To capture that pure perfect white of snow, I can think of no brighter white than Chantilly Lace (OC-65). It is a wonderful chilly pure white for a washroom, cabinets and trim, or even a ceiling! Lets pull a little overcast sky in with Thundercloud Gray (2124-40). A smooth green-blue gray like Thundercloud works best in well lit rooms, letting a bit of our moody northwest weather in! If you’re looking for a more dramatic infusion of color for an accent wall, consider a dramatic violet like Purple Heart (1406). Purple Heart has the deep and elusive complexity to it’s purple hues, often highlighting different colors as the lighting changes throughout the day.

Winter is strangely chaotic as we navigate all the different holidays and moody weather. A sudden snow can give you just a moment where life gets to be put on hold, like a breath of cool crisp air. But, with so many back to back holidays, getting a room ready for guests can feel stressful! Stop by your local Mallory Paint Store to get some help simplifying it all from our friendly Color Experts. Not only will they patiently help you find the perfect color, they can help reduce the stress of managing a large project by helping you remember all the supplies you might need or estimate the time your room might take to be painted and dry!