Last time we talked about painting specifically for resale. While some walls may need a great amount of attention and paint, you probably won’t be repainting every single room. Maybe the color is fine but some areas have suffered damage from mildew, children, or a simple bump. We’ve talked about mildew damage before, and its important to be sure any damaged wall is repaired before painting.

Damaged or chipped paint need to be cleared away with a paint scraper to find any loose fragments. Follow up the scraping with a coarse sandpaper. Scrape away any fragments of paint and be sure to sand all the edges of the remaining paint. Dust the area thoroughly, prime the damaged area, and paint.

The Color Experts at Mallory Paint Store can help ensure that your new paint is as close a match as possible to your old paint. Its important to remember that paint goes through several stages of color, and the wet paint may not be an indication of the dry color. Lastly, its important to remember that wear, dust, and the sun will change the shade of your paint, so even if you know the original color for your wall, it may be more vibrant then you’d like.