Warm weather is returning and with it comes a buzz of activity! Spring cleaning is in full swing, and with it, repainting! Its time to match the flowers in color, and work like busy bees.

Now that we’re out of winter we start to finally see dry days. For spring painting, its best to start earlier, before plants begin to really pollinate. Exterior painting should be cleaned thoroughly as trees and flowers will soon release particulate that will make painting difficult.

Spring’s colors are shades of blue, bright yellows, pinks, and all kind of green. Life is bouncing back from winter and exploding into activity. Trees are getting new leaves, flowers are blooming, and the whole world comes alive anew. Spring’s colors bring a bright new energy to the home, verdant and excited.

Its the best time of the year to start painting! Your local Mallory Paint Store is waiting, and our color experts are ready to help make your home into a field of colorful flowers or a wild green forest!