With spring well under way and summer just around the corner, it’s the best time of the year to start new home projects. Not every painting project is to clean up old furniture. This week, we are going to talk about the Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint (308). This eco-friendly paint can give your spring and summer a wave of creativity and convenience.

IA_chalkboard_pink_table_540x395Chalkboard Paint can really open up a new world of easy to clean art and note keeping for a home. Why not change a wall into a center for artistic expression for children? How fun would it be to tell them that they CAN write on the wall? A whole room could be converted into the best playroom imaginable, with every surface open for creativity. Or, maybe a kitchen needs a new calendar. Paint a permanent chalkboard where the calendar used to sit, and make the days and dates your own for this spring!

But, don’t limit yourself to just the walls. An old damaged table can be cleaned up and made inIA_int_chalkboard_list_540x395to a new drawing pad. Convert cabinet doors into a To-Do List, or a shopping list. Chalkboard Paint creates re-useable surfaces that can adapt to your needs. Maybe frequently re-used storage boxes need labels that can just as easily change with that unique flair that a chalkboard can bring!

For best results with Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint, make sure to thoroughly clean the area before you apply the paint. Some surfaces require priming. This paint is best to let cure for at least three days. It’s highly recommended that you use wet clothes to clean the chalk off, rather than a normal chalkboard eraser. Come to a Mallory Paint Store near you to find this unique way to make your home artistic, and leave a unique impression on guests!