About the time most people decide to commit to getting their home repainted is the moment its too late to get the best contractor. Some painting contractors will open their scheduling for summer repaintsĀ  as early as the fall of the previous year, especially if they are in demand. Spring marks the beginning of the exterior repaint season in Washington State, and it will last until early fall. Since each project takes several days, sometimes weeks, and a full team to do the work, getting on a painter’s schedule can be competitive.

Some painting contractors may already have full schedules but mostĀ  will still have room for exterior repainting and other work. Its approaching the middle of Spring which means it will be difficult to find appointments for April and May, maybe even June.

Act now and there will still be plenty of time to get a contractor for the dry summer months. Its the best time to get your exterior repaint done and there is plenty of time to interview a few contractors and select the best one to fit your needs.

If you’re having trouble finding a contractor, don’t forget to visit your local Mallory Paint Store, or check out our past spotlights on Washington Contractors. Your local Mallory Paint Store will have great recommendations and advice on picking a contractor that fits your needs.