Negotiating with a Painting Contractor

February 27, 2020 2 min read

Negotiating with a Painting Contractor

The overall cost of getting a repaint can be quite high and it can be difficult to understand the costs involved. Contractor quotes may vary wildly, and the cheapest quote may come with unintended consequences. Negotiating for the right price can mean several different things, from simply trying to be sure you get charged the best rate, getting additional services such as caulking, and even as simple as deciding whether you’ll provide your own paint. We’ve talked about how to choose a good contractor and with painting season underway, its time to talk about negotiating the right price.

  • Shop Around – The price of a repaint will change from contractor to contractor. These prices could vary wildly, as a contractor will set his prices based on what is reasonable to him and his crew. Each contractor will use some sort of formula, based on square footage to be painted, complicated painting, difficulty, and cost of labor. Asking multiple contractors will help you better understand the costs involved and give you a stronger, more educated position to negotiate from.
  • Ask Questions  Is the cost of materials included in the estimate? How long will the contractor take? What brand of paint will be used? How do they intend to cover areas from drippage? What is their process for sanding/chipping old paint? How many coats of paint will the use?
  • Itemize the Cost – When quoted for your home, be sure to ask your contractor to break down the different costs for you. This will help you understand if one contractor is overcharging for labor or materials.
  • Material Cost – Its not unusual to ask a painter to use a different brand of paint. Some contractors may require you to supply the paint, and will refuse to quote materials. Others will have a specific brand they prefer, and have experience working with. Whether you are looking to cut costs or you have a preference for quality, supplying your own paint can help you remove the ‘static’ costs for a painting project.
  • Be Knowledgeable – Painting can be very expensive, and the best way to get a good deal is to take the time to learn about the costs. Understand how much paint your project should need, what areas will be difficult to paint, what unusual costs might be involved.

Remember, a good place to start looking for a painting contractor is your local Mallory Paint Store. Our Painting Experts will be able to help with more then just materials. They work with contractors every day, supplying work sites, and listening to testimonials.

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