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Painting For Spring

January 26, 2018 1 min read

Painting For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and sometimes we just wish warm weather would come a little faster. With some creative color choices we can add a splash of Spring to the bedroom, office, or even just a coffee table. The Spring color palette is filled with reds, yellows, oranges, blues, and greens. This is a mixture of light warm, energetic colors with deeper refreshing and revitalizing colors.

Adding life to a room is as easy as painting an accent wall, giving the room a small burst of a vivid color like Caliente (AF-290) or Rose Quartz (2002-30). A sharp red shows passion and energy and it also helps make a room feel more open. Both Simply White (OC-117) and Vanilla Ice Cream (2154-70) have just a tiny hint of yellow and can offset strong red colors, while staying spring fresh. Soft Reds and Pinks such as Flamingo’s Dream (2002-40) or Voile Pink (2000-70) are warm and playful. To compliment soft flowery reds we add cloudy blues, such as Light Blue (2066-70) or Blue Angel (2058-70). Turn a room into a blue sky over a field of flowers!

Spring is the season of renewal. Trees will be regrowing, leaves will bloom, and bright blue skies will return. With a splash of paint, we can get a head start on warming up our homes. Come on down to your local Mallory Paint Store to find a dramatic red to fall in love with, and get help from our color experts to find colors that share that energy!

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