Benjamin Moore Restore

  • This product is designed to restore severely weathered wood to its natural color and prepare wood surfaces for recoating. It will quickly restore heavily grayed and weathered wood surfaces. It will quickly remove tannin bleeding, water stains, mold and mildew stains, and discolored surface fiber from all exterior wood surfaces, including decking, siding, shakes and furniture.
    1. Restores old weathered wood
    2. Bleach-free formula is gentle to wood and the environment
    3. Not intended for removing old finishes. Use Benjamin Moore REMOVE Finish Remover (315) to remove old finishes.
    4. For restoring severely weathered wood. For maintenance cleaning, Benjamin Moore CLEAN Multi-Purpose Cleaner (318) is recommended.
    5. Ideal for removing moderate to severe mold and mildew
    6. Concentrated formula
    1. Download Application Overview for more information