The Color Trends for 2019, Metropolitan (AF-290), is a sophisticated and cultured color to help define your year. The warm grey tones give a sense of calm and poise, a purpose to a room’s atmosphere that you can capture too in your latest project!

Metropolitan as the primary color for a room will evoke its the feeling of effortless refinement. Such a warm soft color is highly adaptable and lets the trim and accents speak volumes. A living room can use a brighter white for its trim, such as Decorator’s White (OC-149) to give a more pure contrast with the warm color. Offset it the whites with a bold accent, a touch of a Black Pepper (2130-40), for soft shadows. This trio of colors will give guests a sensation of sophistication the moment they enter!

For a smaller room, such as an office or bedroom, consider using Metropolitan to contrast a more bold color. A deep green like Beau Green (2054-20) will cool a room and give it hints of deep water. Using Metropolitan as an accent, such as the entry, can ground the deep greens and draw out visions of a city by the sea, balanced and harmonious. For trim, Cloud White (OC-130) to catch the city skyline.

You can find all of these colors in the Color Trends 2019 Palette, and, by visiting your local Mallory Paint Store. Our color experts can help you find the right message to send with your latest project and ensure you get it done perfect, the first time.