One of the best ways to refresh your furniture for spring is giving it a new coat of paint, but sometimes you want to create a more personal statement! Sometimes you just can’t find the right color for an end table, or, you are looking to have a bonding arts and crafts project with your family. With a polyurethane coating, you can capture anything from sketches and drawings to a colorful scattering of confetti! Clear polyurethane is most often used to create a lasting seal on cabinets and furniture and to protect from damage, like bumps and scrapes.

For this project, you’ll want to take extra care depending on how sensitive the surface you are coating is. Always be sure the surface you are coating is fully dry (especially in the case of paints and inks). Assuming the project’s surface is smooth, you’ll want to apply the polyurethane with a foam brush, being sure to use smooth strokes and not laying it on thick. With a clear polyurethane, two to three coats are advised, with each coat leading to a more smooth surface.

Just like that, you’ve created a durable and long lasting project! From stencils to sketches, and all sorts of projects in between! If you’re looking for a good polyurethane recommendation, or, just some advice on color choices, stop on by your local Mallory Paint Store to talk to our friendly staff! Our Color Experts can help you with simple to extraordinary projects in your spring cleaning frenzy!