Keeping your exterior wood looking its best should always be a part of your spring cleaning and winter inspection. Winter freezes can be especially hard on patios, decks, and stairs. All parts of the house naturally degrade, but decks are most susceptible to all kinds of damage from standing water that dries leaving salts, freezes inside cracks and pores, or even just feeding molds and mildews! In addition to keeping an eye out for damage, it might be time to refresh your stain.

Exterior wood inspection starts with a simple look over, keeping an eye out for any signs of damage to the wood or loose boards. Make sure to look out for rising nails, and, to check any joints and connections to the house for a deck! This is also a good time to look for visible signs of mold or mildew, especially any kind of growth or softening wood. Some surface rot might sand away and be resealable, but, it may be that you need to replace a plank to save the deck!

It’s might also be time to refresh your stain to preserve your wood’s natural beauty! Solid stain should be replaced every five years, while transparent stains should be replaced every year! As always, your local Mallory Paint Store’s friendly staff are ready to help get you home caught up to speed. From sand paper to a new bold color for your deck or patio, our Color Experts are ready to ensure you’ve got everything you need to avoid wasting time!