Faux painting or faux finishing is the term for a stylized decorative finish that is textured to mimic a material. Faux (fake in french) painting is often used to mimic marble, wood, stucco, or even add a metallic finish. Faux painting can take a lot more time and labor but the results can be breathtaking. Most often this is done using glazes, a semi-transparent or transparent top layer that alters the appearance of the underlying colors.

Sponge painting or sponging is probably the most common and easiest form of faux painting to start out with. Sponging disrupts the normally solid color with a chaotic pattern that can catch the eye.

To use sponging you’ll be applying glaze over top an existing color, and relying on the contrast between the two to draw the eye. These colors may be similar, using a darker tone for a soft blend, or, you can use contrasting colors for a much more bright and bold approach!

Sponging is straight forward: Simply dip your sponge into the glaze and lightly apply it to the wall. Make sure to avoid any sort of pattern to how you dab the sponge. Try to be sure to use the same amount of paint and pressure to keep it consistent throughout!

You can apply multiple colors through sponging, layering each one atop the other for a more complex and deep appearance! With a white base, you might try applying different colors of blue in layers to give the appearance of a cloudy sky with blue patches peaking through!

As always, you can find the supplies, tools, and, more ideas for Faux painting at your local Mallory Paint Store! Our staff can help you get find the right colors to help your living room capture that forested look, or, give your home office a rocky mountain amidst the clouds feel!