Picking your color might be the hardest part of getting your rooms painted, but the first step to painting is often figuring out how much paint you’ll need to budget for. The easiest part is knowing that a gallon of paint usually covers about 400 sq. ft. Primer usually covers just a bit more, but, on average 400 sq. ft. A quart of paint is, naturally, 1/4th as much at 100 sq. ft.

A small room, like washrooms or closets, are usually much less then 400 sq. ft. and will only need one gallon of paint, even with two coats. A single bathroom door wall might be small enough for a quart!
Most bedrooms are about 400 sq. ft. They usually require only a gallon, or, two if you are covering a bright or strong color.

Unusual or damaged surfaces should be primed, but Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne paint is self priming and has excellent hiding so most repaints won’t need primer! Of course, there is no substitute for proper measurements versus estimates. If you have any questions you can always head on over to your local Mallory Paint Store, where our staff can make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next project!