Although snow might still be on the ground, warm weather is just around the corner. Whether you’ve got some small exterior projects to work on or you were considering an entire exterior repaint, getting started this early will save you a lot of hassle!

Many exterior repaints will be delayed this year by exterior rot, mold, and general water damage! Your home may have some new damage, especially near the ground. With so much melting and refreezing this winter, water may have broken the seal on older paint and started corroding the wood or worse! Do a quick survey of your home for any water damage or uninvited guests such as bird and bee nests. Keep your eye out for peeling or chipping paint, or deteriorating wood!

Most professional painters are already taking appointments for when the weather clears up, too! Some painters are filling up this year’s summer as early as last year. Professional painters keep their eyes on the sky, looking for opportunities to get out and get to work.

If you’ve got a project in mind, come on down to your local Mallory Paint Store and get those colors planned out ahead of time! Getting color swatches or color cards early can let you see those samples in many different lights to be sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Our friendly staff are always available to help suggest the next step, from fixing damage to simply where to start some big new plan!