It’s time to start looking ahead and getting ready for Spring! As the winter chills begin to make way for cool spring rains, and we can finally get started on exterior projects and repairs. Spring cleaning is the best time to revitalize your home’s image, refresh its paint, or just start the year off with a bold new color for your door!

Spring might be a little wet, but, once it dries up, it’ll be the start of the painting season. Most painters aim for late Spring to early Fall for exterior repaints, when the weather is the most mild and predictable. Some will be starting work in areas where the winter has been mild, if they see a window in the cold and rain.

It might still be cold outside, but it’s the perfect time to stop by your local Mallory Paint Store to find a refreshing mix of Spring colors for your latest project! For Spring, the main colors are shades of blue, bright yellows, soft pinks, and all manner of revitalizing green.

The Color Trends 2019 Palette is made of colors that compliment and contrast the simple elegance of Metropolitan (AF-690). Inside the Palette, you’ll find strong spring colors, like Beau Green (2054-20), a bold marine blue-green, and Hunter Green (2041-10), a rich and deep forest green

Your local Mallory paint store has the supplies and experience to help you get ready for Spring! Our color experts can help you choose the best colors to bring a refreshing morning breeze into your home, or, just a little glimpse of a warm afternoon to your project!