The Spring rains are slowly giving way to Summer skies here in the pacific northwest! Warm mornings and toasty afternoons are the best time to revitalize your exterior. Its the best time to get outside, whether you want to do small projects like repainting furniture or tackle repainting a shed or home. Summer is a season of passion, excitement, and revitalization. We can capture just a bit of that wild energy with bright colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds. For a more mild summer feel, you can pair these with more mild colors, such as pale blues, light pinks, and mellow yellows.

Looking to capture a little of Summer’s vibrant energy in your home? Try a breeze of cool blue Caribbean Mist (2061-70). Soft blues can open up a room and give it a cooling effect on the hot summer days! If you are looking to make a bold statement, try an hint of yellow with an accent wall of Suntan Yellow (2155-50). A strong sun yellow, yet not overpowering. Small moments of excitement can liven up your whole home, like light pushing out the shadows!

Painting in the Summer is an excuse to get outside and catch some sun! Small projects are great excuses to move about, and, drying paint is a good reason to see the beach or start a barbecue. Whether you are updating your patio table and chairs, or, looking at bigger projects like exterior and interior repaints, your local Mallory Paint Store is there for you! Our color experts are always available, whether you want to get a new color to go with your gold or just to get out of the summer heat!